About Us

Our vision & philosophy
Our practice has been established since 1996. We believe in the strong relationship between a dentist and the patient. Patients usually prefer to be seen by the same dentist each time they attend the dental clinic; for this reason we have stayed a solo practice (one dentist) since our establishment.
Dr Rasekhi graduated from Adelaide University in 1993. He has had extensive post graduate study over the years and attended hundreds of hours of continuous education courses.
Completing his fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS) with oral surgery as his elective as well as completing a graduate diploma course in oral implants are all assurances for our patients that they are getting treatment by a knowledgeable and experienced dentist.
It is an honour to have our patients put their trust in us and we value that enormously and will endeavour our outmost to make sure our patients feel our appreciation.
Continuing education courses completed by Dr M. Rasekhi (BDS, FRACDS, Grad Diploma Oral implants)
Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants – 19-03-2010
Fellowship of The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons – 2007
Infection control – 09-11-2001
Infection control update– 09-04-1999
Practical infection control -15-09-2006
Practical infection control- 18-11-2006
Clinical fellow program in oral surgery – May-August 2011
Accreditation by Australian society of implant dentistry – 05-01-2005
Surgical implant techniques, ASID, 29-01 -2005, 06-02-2005
Theory and practical application of the Straumann dental implant system – 2005
The theory and practical application of ITI dental implants – 04-12-1999
IMTEC mini dental implants -05-09-2006
Mini dental implant seminar – 07-10-2006
Endodontia vs Implantology, to extirpate or to integrate- the state of play -10-05-2007
Avoiding implant complications and dealing with them if they arise -15-08-2007
Patient evaluation for final implant restoration in -restorative dental practice -26-09-2007
Angulated implantology -10-09-2007
Achieving predictability in aesthetic outcomes in implant patients -11-03-2008
ITI (International Team of Implantology) conference -26-07-08
Delayed vs Immediate implant placement -13-08-2008
Treatment planning for predictable aesthetics in implant dentistry ,ITI, -25-03-2009
Introductory implant accreditation course – 02-07-2004
Advanced hard and soft tissue grafting in implant dentistry, ITI -26-03-2009
Implant therapy. Strategies, difficulties and risks. -17-04-2009
Guided bone regeneration in implants. ITI, 03-09-2009
Restorative procedures for fixed implant restorations. Straumann. 06-03-2010
Implants in extraction sites. Straumann, -18-03-2010
Straumann bone level implants. -31-03-2010
Dental implants, periodontitis & peri-implantitis – 22-10-2010
Practical oral surgery for your dental practice – 07-10-2005
Minor oral surgery -04-11-2008
Minor oral surgery -11-11-2008
Minor oral surgery -18-11-2008
Minor oral surgery -25-11-2008
Medical emergencies in dentistry – 16-05-1997
Management of medical emergencies -15-03-2006
Medical emergency certification -05-09-2007
Management of medical emergencies. -06-07-2005
Treating traumatic dental injuries – 04-11-2005
Evidence Based Dentistry -28-09-2007
Maximising aesthetic results in general practice – 05-10-2005
Crown lengthening- 17-05-2006
Nickel Titanium endodontic program -10-08-2007
Forensic dentistry – 20-01-2004
What is new in dental prescribing 24-10-2008
Level 4 accreditation course on head and neck anatomy, dissection and advanced surgical implant techniques, ASID, 2005
Respecting anatomy -15-03-2008
Advanced bone grafting techniques, ADA, -18-11-2005
Managing worn dentition -20-05-2006
Orofacial pain, a multifaceted problem ,RACDS, -02-11-2007
Advanced endodontics extravaganza -26-10-2007
Endodontia, one on one program-16-10-2007
Paedodontics one on one program- 30-10-2007
Perio systemic relationship, susceptibility to periodontal disease, management of periodontal disease-19-09-2008
prosthodontics course – 28-04-2009
Mastering posterior direct resins. Ed seminars -16-09-2009
Noble Biocare, scientific symposium, 15&16 March 2009
A review of dental trauma from an endodontic perspective – 12-08-2010
Contemporary multidisciplinary management of oral mucosal malignancy – 09-02-2012
Extensive rehabilitation, criteria for success, ED seminars. -17-03-2009
19th convocation of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Hong Kong , 2008
Bisphosphonates, myth or reality? -22-11-2007